RORSHAK’s creative space is THE place for cracking skulls and getting work done.  Located at Studio 615 just off of Ellington and Briley Parkways, its easy to access from just about any slice of Nashville.  With over 200 amps of power, 4 diverse shooting spaces, 2 full makeup rooms, and a set-building warehouse, this space is fallow ground for any brave imagination.



Studio 615

272 Broadmoor Drive, Nashville, Tn 37207

Cyc Room

Cyc Room

Studios within the Studio

Some projects need to be simplified and intimate, and some need room to grow. There's a studio space for each approach here.

Also, some productions need a place to get messy...and some photographers have a reputation for getting messy. Guilty, your honor. Tar, fake blood, fog, water, scorpions, and bunnies. The list is getting increasingly interesting with each shoot.


White Room

For simple portraiture and product shoots, this little studio with double-door access is the perfect low-drama solution.

studio_615_100_ garage_access3.jpg

Photographer's Playground and Natural Light Spaces

For a space that allows us to move from set to set, all pre-lit and ready-to-go, I love utilizing this room. The camera goes in the center and we build sets around the center like pedals on a flower.

studio_615_wall green_room_1_v3.jpg

There are also two glam rooms, a conference room, a kitchenette, and few places for grabbing some zzz's.  C'mon over!