"PAPER DOLLS" on a Wall.

Durian-Headed Meat-Armed Man, Paper Doll #4 by RORSHAK

Durian-Headed Meat-Armed Man, Paper Doll #4 by RORSHAK

Belmont University has invited RORSHAK to exhibit a collection of his Paper Dolls from October 23 thru December 8, 2017, at Gallery 121 in the university's art studies building.  Look for an article about the show in November's Nashville Arts Magazine.

Alas,  read my project statement:

"Paper Dolls" are photographic narratives built from paper, common household items, stuff from the grocery store, and packaged by recording well-crafted light through a lens.  The rules are:

-the story must be told in one frame

-the story must be fun, thoughtful, grandiose, absurd, or otherwise stimulating according to the photographer

-two dimensional things can substitute for 3 dimensional things that are too big or expensive or difficult to obtain

-three dimensional things are welcome, but preferably disguised as bigger things


The work exists as a reaction to financial limitations and mocks them.  The work mocks creative timidity.  It is the work of an attention-seeking youngest sibling who refuses to abandon the realm of make-believe.  It celebrates a love affair with Ray Harryhausen films, Terminator 1, and Rush album covers.  It is computer-aided imagery that protests computer-generated imagery by restraining itself.  "Leave paper edges on the paper dolls!" "Leave Easter eggs out for the viewers and allow them to see behind the curtain."  The illusions herein are pledged to not be so fortified as to resist disclosure.  Look elsewhere for refined graphic sausage--these are the Paper Dolls!